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June 2, 2019 Suicide Six Ski Area, Pomfret, Vermont

Registration Opens December 3, 2018 7 p.m. ET

Covered Bridges Half Marathon-A Community based road race. Runs the first Sunday in June. The Best 13.1 miles in New England. Experience some of Vermont's Covered Bridges and support local charities.

CBHM Runners-Train with UVRC

UVRC is training for the  Covered Bridges Half Marathon this year.  Come join us!
We’ve got two weekly runs to prep for the race. 
April and May, we’ll target CBHM specifically. Feel free to come to either or both. 
General details below.  In either case, watch the UVRC mailing list (for members), or our Meetup site: for specific details and up-to-date information. Tuesday, we have a track workout. We typically meet on the Hanover High Track at 5:30. 
In April and May, we will have a workout ready specifically for folks training to run the CBHM on June 4th. Saturday morning, we have a long run, starting at 9am. 
In April and May, we’ll alternate between running on the course in Woodstock and our typical run from Omer and Bob’s in Lebanon. 
The official CBHM pacers (provided by UVRC) will be at these runs to help out; come meet the race day pacers. Please join us at either or both.  You must be a UVRC member to attend regularly ($20 a yea…