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June 3, 2018 Suicide Six Ski Area, Pomfret, Vermont

Covered Bridges Half Marathon-A Community based road race. Runs the first Sunday in June. The Best 13.1 miles in New England. Experience some of Vermont's Covered Bridges and support local charities.

10 Weeks Until Our CBHM Race, Have You Made Your Weekend Plans?

Just 10 weeks until the Covered Bridges Half Marathon, The BEST 13.1 miles in New England.
We hope your training is going well. Coming for the weekend?
Lodging You have your lodging all set but what to do Saturday before the pasta supper... If you don't have your lodging set, make your reservations quickly. Visit our Lodging Page. Dining Who doesn't like good food...our area has some of  THE BEST New England restaurants. Local Dining
Things to Do in the Woodstock Area (Print this list: Things to Do in the Woodstock VT Area)

Mount Tom Farmer’s Market-Saturday 9:30-1230 their Facebook Page

Trek to Taste-Saturday, June 3 10 am-3 pm
Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park
802-457-3368 ext. 222 54 Elm St. Woodstock VT.

Billings Farm and Museum-Open daily April-October 10 am-5 pm
802-457-2355 69 Old River Rd, Woodstock VT

Woodstock History Center-Wed-Sat 1-5 pm, Sunday 11 am-3 pm 802-457-1822

Time to Think Pre-Race Pasta Supper at the 27th Annual Running of the CBHM Race Hosted by the Woodstock Chamber

The Woodstock Chamber of Commerce Hosts The Annual Pre-Race Pasta Supper Saturday June 2
Seatings at 5, 6 or 7 p.m.
Suicide Six Ski Area, Pomfret
Dinner is prepared by the Woodstock Inn and local restaurants. Cost is $20 per person, $10 children. No refunds after May 1, 2018. It is a real community food event—with Woodstock’s finest food establishments making sauces and donating many food products and local service volunteers from Change the World Kids and other local groups all pitching in to make the event a success.
Reserve Your Spot online Today!

Good food, great music, yummy desserts and a great way to spend time with friends and family before the race!

Training for a Half Marathon, The 27th Annual CBHM!

Written by Jim Burnett
Intrepid Runners,
Now is a really good a time to start thinking about June 3rd.

Think – half marathon preparation, 13 weeks to go…

Yes, the 27th running of the Covered Bridges Half Marathon is a mere three months off. Remember, back in December, when you sat staring at your computer waiting, like Gary Cooper in the showdown in the classic western “High Noon”, to pull the trigger on your mouse and register for the most coveted high marathon in New England (world)? 
Well, you are “in” and now it’s time to make your journey satisfying and memorable (for all the right reasons). We can do this. I want to help.

2016's race was my most enjoyable half marathon ever. Why? I let my body do what I had prepared it to do and “I” just went along for the ride. Easy for you to say, you say? Well, I say anybody can enjoy a half marathon from start to finish whether it’s your first or your 100th. 
And, here’s the secret = set a reasonable goal, start training early, be patient and…