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I just want to congratulate you, the Race Committee and all the volunteers. I've run a good number of races and your event was extraordinarily well organized and there was great camaraderie among all involved. The CBHM 'spirit' is palpable and that doesn't happen by accident. That takes leadership, dedication and a relentless focus on getting things right and taking good care of people. You've certainly raised the bar for future races! Thanks so much....
Paul K  Falls Church, VA

Mike and Bill,

Thank YOU for putting on such a great race! My husband and I have run this ten times. It keeps getting better. This year was phenomenal! You even got fantastic weather for us! Thank you for all you do to make it such a special race! It truly is the best 13.1 miles in New England. And all your volunteers are terrific. Can’t thank them enough for all they do by coming out to support us on a Sunday morning when they could be sleeping in.  Please let them know how much we appreciate them as well!
 It is a privledge to run in this race and thank YOU for making it so!!
You are the BEST!!! Thankfully, Pat K

HI Everyone:
Mike, I sure I am speaking from all of us when I say, "Kudos, for another excellent CBHM!".  The day was perfect for the race and all of our runners had a great time, many of them are already planning to come back next year.  And I LOVED the bright melon volunteer shirts!  Those really stood out!

I really appreciate how we all work so well together.  I think our idea of sharing massage therapists is a good one, so which ever therapist is available can take the next person in line.  The Charity sign at our Finish tent was a nice way to shield and provide a bit of privacy for the massages - that may not have been the intention, but it was helpful.

I have someone's small tarp. All the best. Cathy

Just wanted to say "thanks" for allowing me to be a part of the Covered Bridges Run this year.  What a great event!!  Everything, from the spaghetti dinner to the race to the after race activities, was just phenomenal.  The support from the local community was awesome and I know that they, as well as you and Bill, put in a tremendous amount of time and energy into making the event happen.

My family and I really enjoyed the weekend in Vermont and we were able to check out some of the great places to visit like the Marsh, Billings, Rockefeller National Historic Site, Quechee Gorge, and the Coolidge Birthplace in Plymouth.  We are looking forward to spending some more time in Vermont this summer.

Thanks again for letting me run and I look forward to being a part of the silver anniversary race next year. Best wishes, Todd

Truly a fabulous day.  I want to thank you again for giving The Family Place the opportunity to be part of the Covered Bridges.  It is such an inspiring event. I hope you and Bill got to relax tonight and enjoy your tremendous accomplishment once again. Most sincerely, Mary

 This was my 1st time running CBHM and it was great
Great course with scenery and a well  run event.  You certainly got the volunteer teams behind you Congrats AND – thanks for taking the time on Sat to explain to my wife & I about drop =off options and parking, etc.
 Best Harry H Cape Cod, MA

It was a SPECTACULAR event… THANK YOU!! Megan

Hi Mike, Bill, and the team;
thank you very much for this wonderful race -- it was wonderful again (as always) and not just because the weather was fabulous this year.
The personal touch you add to the race, throughout the year, is unparalleled. 
I very much hope to see you next year again.
All the best, peter

Great race as usual, thanks for all you do. 
Next years 25th anniversary race is June 5, 2016 - not 2015!
See you then. Chris

THANK CHRIS-was a bit tired when we sent out the post! June 5 2016!!

Thanks guys. I love this race. Marty A.

Another AMAZING day! Fabulously organized from start to finish. Incredible volunteers and cheering spectators! Thank you! Was a pleasure to participate! Can't thank you and the team enough! Kate B 

CBHM 2014
What did you like Best about The CBHM?
The atmosphere; the course; the volunteers, the people support along the route.
The food at the end.
The pasta dinner the night before is awesome.
It's not too big , I love the local musicians and we have owned a home in Vermont for 28 years!
Well organized, great route, great finish line activities
Great race, very well done, and well organized
The route is beautiful, the field is not too big, it is well supported, and great people.
The magnificent course, particularly River Rd.

What did you like Least about The CBHM?
Would have liked to see more sponsored give-aways and perhaps some heartier food

All the emails in the lead up to the race. More specifically, it would be great if the emails were more succinct and to the point. If an email is sent it should be checked for typos and contain complete sentences. Honestly, it is not worth sending an email if it is difficult to understand because of poor grammar.
Hill at mile 8 :)

The start of the race: There were no pace groups and people were trampling one another at the start; there were walkers too far up front and fast runners too far in the back. I think it was based on how the start line was set up. People just jumped in the line with little mind to where they should be pace wise. It was a rough first mile plus of trying to not trip.

Loved it all!

Anything else you would like to share with the CBHM Race?
I love it- magical event. THANK YOU
Truly one of my favorite events ever. The local crowds were fantastic also!
It was the best half I have run yet! I hope to return again :)
You guys do a nice job and the event is really becoming a "destination run"

CBHM 2013
I wanted to thank you and your team for making my first half marathon such a positive experience!

The whole event ran like clockwork. I appreciated all your informational emails leading up to the day and was so impressed by how smoothly the transitions were - from parking to the bus to registration to bag drop off and start - it was great.

As it was my first half, I was very nervous and really appreciated the volunteers that were everywhere. Whether they were giving directions, cheering us on, or the medical team on bikes, during the whole run I felt safe. Which was just a great feeling as I slogged it out at my own snail's pace!

I can't wait until next year.
Thanks again. You're the best! Kate B

The race was superb and you were everywhere! This is my 20th 1/2 and among the best run. Thanks for a great weekend. The heat was tough, but can't blame you for that.
This was my wife's first and she finished. She was diagnosed with breast cancer less than two years ago. She has had a lumpectomy, chemo, double mastectomy and radiation. She faces two more surgeries July 1st and still trained for and completed the race. Will pass the word for a great race.

Thanks, Allen P and Amy F

HI Mike,
I had an amazing time running today and couldn't have been more glad to do the CBHM. Despite the heat, it was a beautiful end and from my end everything went perfectly well.

After crossing the finish line and getting some water, I went back and stood by the road to cheer people on. It was really unique and inspirational to see how the community comes together to support relatives, friends and strangers there, and throughout the course, and to see all kinds of people trying their best.
Thank you so much for all your hard work and for offering me and many others the opportunity to run. I can't wait to do it again next year! Cheers, Mana

Thank you for putting on Mike

We have such a great time every year running this I am sure the organizing Is a huge undertaking.Much appreciated The Harrington's

Thanks to you, Bill and all of the volunteers. What a great, well -organized event. We'll be back next year and hopefully Mother Nature will be a little kinder. My husband and I spoke to you at the start about # of participants and then you spotted us at the end and I gave you a thumbs up, just before crossing. Had hoped for 1:50, but ended with 2:08. Hopefully Mother Nature will be kinder in 2014 and I will get my target time. Have a good year, see you next June! Suzanne T

Hi Mike! What a RACE you gave us! Thank you for making it such a highlight of our year. I attained my "SR" slowest record ever today, but still had a blast even though the heat humidity was brutal (clearly a north country resident!)! We had friends staying with us from Montreal etc to take part in this glorious race! We look forward to it next year. I know how much you and the community puts into it and please pat yourself on the back for pulling off such an incredible event for us all!THANK YOU!Celina

Hi Mike-

Thanks for putting on a great race! Thanks! Andrea

A huge thanks to you, Bill, the race committee and the volunteers! I do a lot of races and the CBHM is by far the best organized one if the bunch. I agree with you, the pasta dinner was a highlight of the weekend. Today was a disappointing day, with the humid temps, but I am already looking forward to the 2014 CBHM!
Cheers! Susan Rosa

Based on your email... I am figuring you fielded a few complaints today.... I just wanted to send a brief email to say THANK YOU. Aside from the fact that runners after a race are some of the dumbest people I know and hence couldn't manage the basic functioning in a food tent line of picking it up and moving forward versus setting up their dining experience, I had a wonderful day (and I don't think you can make runners post race any smarter).

Tough weather and not my best time... but such a great race from registration to arriving back at my home in Maine.

Thank you for providing such a great experience. Bob has run three 1/2 marathons (all CBHM), I have run three as well (2 CBHM) and today we introduced Ben to the CBHM Thank you for providing us a great race... great course, great support, great music, great people, great fun. Hope you are having a celebratory beverage with people you like.

Take care and perhaps we will see you again next year. Lisa

Great job Mike. My first 1/2.....and I really enjoyed myself. Thank you.

Congrats on another successful event! It never ceases to amaze how well organized and well put together the race is. Even though I struggled with the heat, your volunteers made it more enjoyable. Hopefully next years weather will be better. Finally, as I drove home down River Road after the race I was again amazed at how fast the road is cleaned up and returned to normal.
Thanks again, Geoff.

Mike, Bill, and the race committee,
Another fantastic job of putting together simply the best half marathon in the country and I can't wait until next year! Thanks again for all of your hard work.
Sincerely, Kemp

THANK YOU and all the volunteers for an amazing day and race. All your hard work really paid off. I am so impressed with how well it was organized and set-up etc. Many thanks! This was my first half marathon and I hope to be back to this one in particular (though i'll skip the heat next time!). Best, Mary

Thanks, Mike! For all of the planning and following up on the tee shirts. The weather was brutal and well, I know that it made a huge difference for me personally. It was an extra bonus to have residents along the route with their hoses out.

Thanks for your usual great job putting on this race. every year sure brings different challenges!! Best, Peter

Thank you Mike and team,
Great job as usual, it was challenging such a challenge in this heat, but what are you going to do!!!
Thank you again for the best race in New England! Even with the heat! Sonia

Thank you -we had a great race- HOT. I came in 2nd in my age group !!!

I am very happy! have a good relaxing week best Marty

Thank you and all the volunteers for putting on the race!

My son started to have some trouble around mile 9. Another runner pulled him over to the shade, gave him his water bottle, and made sure he was okay. My son had been drinking water but the day was just so hot. A special thanks to this runner for helping my son!
Great organization - will definitely be signing up next year. Thanks for making it happen. BCT

Thanks to you!!! You did a fabulous job! We saw you at the volunteer tent, the pasta dinner and directing "traffic" near the finish line. You guys sure were busy during the race tending to people who had difficulty with the heat. Hopefully everyone is okay. Whatever the weather, my sister & I plan to run CBHM again next year -- for the 16th time in a row. Marty

Mike, Bill:
Great supportive volunteers and musicians. Course was amazingly beautiful, well-marked, and safe from traffic. A+ on those fronts. Job well done. And I really do want you guys to be successful in the future. Matt

Hi Mike,
That was truly one of the most difficult races/runs I've ever done because of the weather. The volunteers were great though and I appreciated every Gatorade that I drank! This was my first Covered Bridges race but I was still able to appreciate it's attraction - even with the heat, which was truly unbearable for me. I'm hoping to be able to run it again next year, with more reasonable temperatures! And yes, the dinner was really tasty and everyone there was really helpful and friendly to me and my friends.
Thanks again,

Thanks for another great day and your staff are the best,all those kids out at the water places and the music is always a treat.Heard people running near me saying how nice the neighborhoods come out to cheer us on. Thanks again Linda

Hi Mike,
Just wanted to say it was the first time running this race and I thought it was fantastic - so well organized, the volunteers were amazing, the music was fantastic... all was better than I had expected. Thank you very much for putting on such a great race! Jen

Thank YOU Mike.
That was my first road race and I will never forget how great you and all the other volunteers made it. See you next year!! sasha h

Hi Mike,
Thank you for running such a great race yesterday. I think this was the most organized race that I have ever run. In spite of the heat, my friends and I had a wonderful time. I'm looking forward to registering again for next year. Best, Anna

CBHM 2012
Great race. Amazing organization and communication. We had a fantastic time. Thanks
The trio from Miami fl.
James P Dugan
Pinecrest Veterinary Hospital
Miami, Fl. (see photo above)

Mike, it was my first experience with Covered Bridges and I have to admit, I had a blast. Can't wait to do it again next year. All the credit in the world goes to you and your team for putting on a world class event, especially under the tough circumstances with the weather. I regret not meeting face to face and shaking your hand in person but this will have to do. Thanks so much and have a great summer. I hope you can enjoy some time to yourself.
Best regards,
Jason Ackerson

Thank you for a great race. This was my first half marathon and I plan to do it again next year. You and everyone involved in the CBHM did a great job. The race and support staff was amazing. We had a great time in Quechee after the race was over. Thank you again for a truly amazing experience. See you in 2013.
Gina S

Thanks for a great race. My daughter Lisa and I have run the CBHM three years in a row and are planning on a fourth....We so appreciate all you do to make this happen
Hope you get some rest now!
Virginia F

hey Mike!

what a woooonderful day and what woooonderful volunteers! the organization of it all was FABULOUS! can't thank you enough for all that you and your colleagues and volunteers do... soooo much hard work... all of us runners are SO grateful! only "wish" for next year... i wish there could be just a couple more port-o-potty stops between miles 5 & the finish? just like ONE at mile 8 and ONE at 11? or something like that? i and a few of my friends who ran it would've GREATLY appreciated it? basically i was "holding it" for the last 5 miles... seriously scoping out the woods to the side of the road over&over, but afraid of offending my fellow runners or getting arrested <:) and even if u don't do this... i'll still hope to get into cbhm 2013 w/joy!
be well... and REST now that the big event is over!!!!
best to you all

Thanks so much for a PHENOMENAL event! This continues to be my favorite!! Awesome job (especially with the weather gods!!).

THANK YOU!! See you at VT 50!

Hi Mike,
Really well run event. Thank you.Please forward my thanks to the Hartford Ambulance squad at the finish. They very likely saved my friend Amy's life today and for that I am exceedingly grateful for their professionalism, knowledge and skills.
Ian B

The medals were so classy....love the fit of this year's t-shirts. Thank you for a great time!
Karen W

thanks to you and all of the volunteers for this race. Each year it gets better and better. Who would have guessed you also can control the weather. One thing I would have liked is that the results show a list of the people in order of their actual time rather than the gun time. Maybe granite state couldn't do it the other way. See you next year. mike

Hi Mike
Thanks for a fantastic event! Last August I saw someone wearing a shirt from an earlier CBHM. I thought it sounded like fun so I googled it and set an alarm for when registration opened. I'm glad I did and I am eager to sign up for next year's race. I wasn't clear on the time registration opened and, as you know, the spots go so fast I want to be sure to set my alarm again.

Thanks for everything you and your team did to plan this great race. I haven't run since I did a marathon in 2006 and this was the perfect event to inspire me to get back in my shoes.

Many thanks and I look forward to seeing you again next year, if I'm lucky enough to get a spot.
All the best, Atlanta

What a wonderful day it was. This was my third year running this 1/2 and every year it gets better. I love the atmosphere, the music, smiling faces and great people organizing this event. I always come home and brag to my friends about it but never know if I want to tell them to make sure they register for the following year because I don't want that one person to beat me out in the mad dash of registering.

If I could just give my one piece of advice, I would ask that the volunteer shirts be a little brighter in color or even white with bright lettering. The reason I ask this is because today with about 1/2 mile to run I ran up along a woman who obviously needed some assistance, she was pale with blue lips and staggering. When I looked up quickly to see if there were any volunteers around it took me a bit to spot the blue/gray color. Other than that moment the day couldn't have been better. Thank you so much for helping to make this day so memorable every year.
See you next year,
Meredith H

An absolutely incredible experience! What a day! Thanks for everything, especially having it so well organized. What a pleasure to participate. Check out some pics from my blog featuring my friends and I.

Thanks again, see you next year!

It was such a great day! Everything is so well organized, you have a very well oil machine, the volunteers were so helpful and sooooooo encouraging, it was a perfect day for the half marathon.
Thank you, thank you so much for all you have done throughout the year, you guys are great,
See you next year,

Mike: To you and the Committee -- thank you for an absolutely outstanding race.
I cannot wait for next year.
PS-- Could you have a "meeting spot" for family members -- like the alphabet for bag pick ups. I caused angst today because my family could not find me.
Thank you. Maria

Hi Mike,

Thanks for a great experience. This was the first time I ran the CBHM and I was lucky enough to be joined by my sister and brother (first time CBHM racers as well). I enjoyed the race and was soooo happy that the sun came out and the rain held off. I have two suggestions for next year that I think would please a lot of people.

1: Have markers at the start for racer's expected min/mile. My sister and I placed ourselves part way up where we thought the 8 min miler's would be, it took 1:30 to cross the start. (not a big deal but the results were sorted by gun time and not net time. Not that I was a top finisher but I was 23 places faster than I was listed. A bummer to have to do the searching myself.

2: Have the results sorted by net time (first suggestion would simplify this one a bit too).

That's it! Sorry to send complaints, it really was a well organized, beautiful race. Thank you for all your hard work!

--Jesse C

Hi Mike,
Thank you for organizing such a wonderful event! We were worried about the weather too, but it turned out to be such a beautiful day! It was our first CBHM and it was perfect! We really appreciate everything you all did to plan the race and make sure it went off without a hitch. We had a great time!
Thanks!! Erika and Tom C

It was my first half marathon and it was Fabulous!!!!! Thanks so much for a great run! Well organized and so friendly! Sophie Starr

Thanks to you and all the volunteers for an awesome experience! Everything about the event was professional and fun. The volunteers were amazing.
Cheers, Laura

This was my first time running the race. Thank you for a great day! It was by far the most enjoyable race I've ever run--beautiful course, well-planned support, and the bands were great. Kudos to you and all the volunteers.
Ronni C

Thank you for a great race. This was my first half marathon and I plan to do it again next year. You and everyone involved in the CBHM did a great job. The race and support staff was amazing. We had a great time in Quechee after the race was over. Thank you again for a truly amazing experience. See you in 2013. Gina S

Hello Mike,

Thanks so much for an awesome race! And the unexpectedly good weather was a bonus!

Just one suggestion......when my family (including small grandchildren) tried to park near the finish, they were turned away by the police and sent to where the runners parked. It was a long trek for little ones. My understanding was that parking at the finish would open at 9:00. If this could be clarified next year, that would really help.

Thanks so much!


CBHM 2011
This is a very special race that respects the scale of the communities through which it travels and retains a "home spun" atmosphere even though it is now nationally recognized. Peter Stein

This will be my brother and my 13th year running in the CBHM. All of the volunteers and runners we've meet over the years have been wonderful. The sites and sounds along the race layout is just beautiful. I've run the New York Marathon, Hartford 1/2 Marathon and a couple of other states 1/2 Marathons and I have ot say that the CBHM has the BEST pasta dinner i've ever had at a race. Even the after race food is awesome. My boyfriend and sister-in-law are always our cheering squad and they always love to rub it in what they do while my brother and I are running. They love the shops and the food they eat along the way. Keep up the great work and thank you for keeping this race alive. It is truly the best race.
Kim A

Dear Sirs
I'm happy to be running Covered Bridges once again. It is my annual weekend to recharge my batteries in the Vermont countryside. I find this course to be so beautiful that I need to slow down to enjoy it despite my wanting to break 1:50.
REMEMBER you don't need to run a good time to have a good time.
Dennis S
Flemington, N.J.

The CBHM is one of my favorite races. The race is run on a relatively flat surface that is forgiving to runners. It's well coordinated; from the start, to the water stops, and the end of the run where the refreshments and atmosphere is fun. To run through some small VT towns is a treat that allows runners to really reflect on how beautiful the state of Vermont really is.
Cons? Not many. It would be great to get a medal as it seems most races are giving these out. It's also a nice keepsake of the race that you can keep forever. Seeing the crowds as you run through Woodstock is great; though it's unfortunate the course doesn't really lend itself to seeing more crowd support. Finally, it would be great to kill that steep incline around mile 9 (LOL).

Thanks for making this race the great annual event that it has become. It's something I really look forward to. Sincerely, Charlie G

This will be my 12th CBHM. At either my first or second event I remember hearing the announcer talking pre-race saying "What a treat you are all in for.....you'll be running on some of the prettiest roads in New England". Well, I live in this area and totally agree with his sentiments. It is a special course.....and I get to run it all year long.

Tom W

Mike, our several trips from Pennsylvania to CBHM have been unforgettable adventures. Over the years, several of my children have traveled to Woodstock and Quechee and run the race with me. This is the third or fourth year that I will be doing this with my daughter, Brigid, and my second year with my son, Sean. My sons, Matt, Danny, Brian and Timmy, have run CBHM with me in years past. Without a doubt, the CBHMs have been events of a lifetime for my children and me. We cherish these shared experiences. I have finally talked my wife into joining us this year, but as a spectator.

We love beautiful Vermont. Each year, we spend time at a history site on the way to the race. This year it will be Bennington. From Bennington, we will do our Saturday night routine of Mass at Our Lady of the Snows and the pasta dinner at your country club. We love Vermont's air, the cleanest in the world. We love the gorge and walking incomparable Woodstock - the New England town from a story book. We love our many conversations with runners over the 13.1. We love the accents. We love the people. Thank you for including us this year. William F

The CBHM is a beautiful and somewhat forgiving course at a fabulous time of year to run in Vermont. Well run, with all details considered to make it enjoyable for the runners. It draws an incredibly competitive field to help one push for a PR. It was the first half marathon I ever ran and I wouldn't miss it; think this will be my 7th year.~ Jill K

It is simply the most beautiful, festive course there is. The landscape and surroundings, the music, and the spectators make the run a pure pleasure start to finish. I look forward to this as my only half-marathon race ever year. Thank you! Kristina ML

this is one of the most gorgeous half marathons I have had the priviledge of participating in. I love the woodstock inn, the restaurant we go to the night before the race, and the course itself. Could not imagine not participating, and have gotten friends to sign up. Love Love LOVE THE RACE. AND THE microbrews at the finish don't hurt as well. a must for al who like halfs.

Thanks for running a terrific half. This wil be one of my first after a horrific accident and can't wait !!!! ( got hit by a car and am on the mend Yaay !!!!!!!!)

Catalina V Rochester New York UVM 1992

Love the "point to point" course.. no circling back and seeing all those fast folks in front of you :-).... ( well, just at Woodstock village when everyone is still just 'warming up" !) And Love running along the river on a dirt road!

Sarah H

-Well organized
-Enthusiastic spectators
-Great support staff
-Excellent route
-Beautiful scenery
-Good music
-Wonderful location
-Friendly bus drivers
-Week-end in the mountains - a long way from The Bronx
-Happy times with friends
-And the #1 reason - gives me incentive to train during the winter
Arthur W

Dear Mike,
I've run in many races, from 5K's to marathons. The Covered Bridges Half Marathon is simply the most beautiful course I've experienced. Thanks for asking. Dick P

I can’t remember exactly how many CBHMs I have run, and I’m not sure if that’s just a result of old age, or the cumulative effect of post-race brews. Suffice it to say I have run many – some more competitively than others – and I have loved this race since the first time I toed the line.

It is now pretty well embedded in my race calendar. It’s a combination of the scenic bus trip from Queechee to the start, the laid-back waiting period, the perfectly loud music in the parking lot, the unrelenting entertainment along the course – a most fabulous course through Woodstock and Queechee, along the river, and over Covered Bridges - and the half-marathon distance, not to be taken for granted. Oh yes, and the beer tent, and awards of maple syrup, cheeses, and pottery. Vermont’s finest.

This race rocks.

Jeanne H

Photo by Action Sports International

This is a very special race that respects the scale of the
communities through which it travels and retains a "home spun"
atmosphere even though it is now nationally recognized.
Peter S

This will be my brother and my 13th year running in the CBHM. All of the volunteers and runners we've meet over the years have been wonderful. The sites and sounds along the race layout is just beautiful. I've run the New York Marathon, Hartford 1/2 Marathon and a couple of other states 1/2 Marathons and I have to say that the CBHM has the BEST pasta dinner i've ever had at a race. Even the after race food is awesome. My boyfriend and sister-in-law are always our cheering squad and they always love to rub it in what they do while my brother and I are running. They love the shops and the food they eat along the way. Keep up the great work and thank you for keeping this race alive. It is truly the best race.

Kim A

Hi Mike,
My wife and I have been running the CBHM since 2005. There is a little story in why we ran it and why we continue year after year.

Pat, my wife, and I originally met back in early 2003. Over coffee on our first date we discovered both of us were runners! So naturally we set up a time to run together. I had dated extensively and sometimes when a woman said she was a runner, skier, hiker, etc., well, sometimes it was not completely true. Not Pat! We ran 3 miles on that first run together and she had me winded when we finished! We signed up to do a race together later that year and ran together every day training for the race. We finished it hand in hand.

Photo by Action Sports International
Now fast forward 2 years later and I was struggling to figure out how to ask this fantastic woman to be my wife. A co-worker told me about the CBHM in Woodstock and it sounded great. I signed us both up and at Christmas that year I gave Pat a weekend away at a wonderful bed and breakfast in the Woodstock area and the CBHM registration. Now all I had to do was figure out when and how to ask her. I knew it had to be something to do with the race. With a little help from the B&B owner, I hatched my plan. So despite having dinner at one of the finest restaurants in the area, I didn't ask her there. When we arrived at this great B&B and entered the room, no, not there. Even when we went for a horse drawn carriage ride around town, no, not then either! I was very nonchalant and I think I was driving her crazy.
I secretly carried the ring with me hidden in a small pouch throughout the race. I had previously conspired with a local florist to have 2 dozen roses ready and waiting for Pat at the finish with a note. Of course the note said: "Will you marry me!"

Unfortunately race day that year was extremely hot! Pat does not do well in the heat. As encouraging as I was that day, it was NOT a good race for her (in fact one of the few I have actually beaten her at). I managed to finish before her and find the florist. When Pat finished she was hot and tired! She came in, got her chip off, poured a bottle of water over her head and sat right down! Then the florist came by and gave Pat the flowers! "These can't be for me, I didn't win anything"! "No Pat, read the card". "Why do I have to read the card, I know they are from you". "Well just take a look". "OK, but I know they are from you".
So while she sat on the ground, dripping sweat and water, racers finishing behind us, the florist and I standing over her she finally read the card, "Will you marry me". "Oh my God! of course I will marry you"! A few people around us heard and started to applaud. Then Pat started to cry, and half the people around us started to cry too! It was Pat's worse race but best finish.

When we were trying to figure out where and when we were going to get married, well the choice was pretty obvious: Woodstock, VT during CBHM race! We couldn't quite pull off getting married during the race so we did the next best thing, we got married the day before and ran the race the next day as bride and groom! We even managed to get a number of wedding guests to run with us! Then each year since we have registered and run the covered bridges half marathon and celebrated our anniversary. I only missed last year due to tight registration, no matter Pat ran and I volunteered!

We love the race, the scenery, the people and it is a special day for us! Thank you for changing the registration for "frequent runners" and both of us will be there again this year to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary run!

Paul A and Pat K

This was my first half marathon when I ran it in 1996. I ran two others that year and the NYC marathon. I've collected numerous race t-shirts but that first Covered Bridges t-shirt was my favorite. I totally wore it out but I will never throw it away. :)

Ken A

Photo by Action Sports International

This will be my 12th CBHM. At either my first or second event I remember hearing the announcer talking pre-race saying "What a treat you are all in for.....you'll be running on some of the prettiest roads in New England". Well, I live in this area and totally agree with his sentiments. It is a special course.....and I get to run it all year long.
Tom W