June 2, 2019 Suicide Six Ski Area, Pomfret, Vermont

Registration Opens December 3, 2018 7 p.m. ET

Covered Bridges Half Marathon-A Community based road race. Runs the first Sunday in June. The Best 13.1 miles in New England. Experience some of Vermont's Covered Bridges and support local charities.

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Your gym could have a wall of TVs facing the treadmills and your morning runs might be soundtracked by seriously motivating tunes, but there’s nothing quite as fun (okay yes, and occasionally grueling) as running in an actual race.

Because whether it’s a 5K or an ultramarathon, there’s no denying that buzz you feel from your head to your toes as you step up to the starting line—and the complete euphoria as you cross the finish line. And if it gives you an excuse to dress up as a mermaid, sprint through bubbles, or pretend you’re going to prom? Even better.
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Covered Bridges Half Marathon, June 5
Running under the covered bridges and along the quaint back roads of scenic Vermont is exactly as picturesque as it sounds.

Thanks Well & Good,
Mike, Bill and the Race Committee