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Training for a Half Marathon, The 27th Annual CBHM!

Written by Jim Burnett Intrepid Runners, Now is a really good a time to start thinking about June 3rd. Think – half marathon preparation, 13 weeks to go… Yes, the 27th running of the Covered Bridges Half Marathon is a mere three months off. Remember, back in December, when you sat staring at your computer waiting, like Gary Cooper in the showdown in the classic western “High Noon”, to pull the trigger on your mouse and register for the most coveted high marathon in New England (world)? Well, you are “in” and now it’s time to make your journey satisfying and memorable (for all the right reasons). We can do this. I want to help. 2016's race was my most enjoyable half marathon ever. Why? I let my body do what I had prepared it to do and “I” just went along for the ride. Easy for you to say, you say? Well, I say anybody can enjoy a half marathon from start to finish whether it’s your first or your 100th.  And, here’s the secret = set a reasonable goal, start traini