June 3, 2018 Suicide Six Ski Area, Pomfret, Vermont

Covered Bridges Half Marathon-A Community based road race. Runs the first Sunday in June. The Best 13.1 miles in New England. Experience some of Vermont's Covered Bridges and support local charities.

UVRC Pacers

Meet the 2018 CBHM Pacers-TBA

The Upper Valley Running Club is excited to have provided pacers since the 2015 Covered Bridges Half Marathon. The UVRC pacers are a group of experienced, local runners that will be with you during the race to help you reach your race day goal. Whether you are finishing your first half marathon or hoping to set a new personal record, run with a pacer to help make it happen.

The pacers will be at the Race Start (Suicide Six Ski Area) in the starting corral roughly 15 minutes before the start of the race. This will give you a chance to talk to them, learn more about the plan, and ask any questions that you might have. They'll be wearing brightly colored shirts or vests that say PACER and holding signs with their goal time, they will be hard to miss.

Pace Groups for 2017
1:30 (~6:51)
1:40 (~7:38)
1:50 (~8:23)
2:00 (~9:10)
2:15 (~10:18)
2:30 (~11:26)

Anyone who wants to run with one of the pace groups is welcome to do so; they ARE NOT doing one-on-one pacing and there's no need to sign-up.

Basically The PACERS job is to encourage and cheer people on, and to run at a consistent pace so other runners can gauge their own progress.
For more info: uvrcpacers@gmail.com

Thank you Upper Valley Running Club!

2017 Covered Bridges Half Marathon UVRC Pacers
Thank You All!

Goal Time
UVRC Pacers
Alden Hall
I had a great time pacing the 1:30 group last year and came in around 1:29:45.  I will have run Boston earlier in the year and hope to finish between 2:45 and 2:50, as I have done the last 3 years, depending upon the conditions.  I promise not to play soccer (which invariably results in an injury) between Boston and CBHM!

Tim Smith (2nd Half)
My first time on the course this year was in a snow storm, but I is expecting sunshine on race day. I likes to mix up my racing with everything from indoor miles to half marathons.  I was coaching UVRC this winter, but now look forward to a summer of simple milage.
Leah Eickhoff
Leah started running in the summer months before her senior year at Hanover High School, as a way to escape her impending college-application essays. That fall, instead of playing soccer, she went out for the cross-country team. She had no intention of racing that season; however, somehow she found herself waiting at a starting line. The gun went off and her life was never the same. She continued running and racing that season, and the next fall found herself a member of the Brown University Women’s Cross Country and Track teams. She will never forget the joy (and pain!) of her four years running for Brown, nor the honor of captainship her senior year. She continues to train now with several athletic groups, including November Project, and the Janji Nomadic Run Crew, and the Boston Road Runners.

Rob Frost
I enjoy racing a wide range of distances on the trail and road. I look forward to helping pace CBHM!
Yufeng Guo
Yufeng has been running competitively since seventh grade, and particularly enjoys cross country. He was a varsity cross country and track athlete at Johns Hopkins University. Since college, he's run two marathons, including Boston. He likes to travel and use running as a way to see new places and meet new faces.

Geoff Dunbar
Geoff Dunbar is former president of UVRC. He has placed first in his age group twice at CBHM (M40-49), but only because they pull the overall winner out of the age group awards. His favorite post-race treat is Ben and Jerry's ice cream with maple syrup poured liberally on top.
Rob Edson

I'm returning for my third go as a CBHM pacer having successfully brought home the 1:40 group for the past two years. Pacing is completely different than my normal races (and a bit more stressful with all those runners watching me every step of the way), but I love the challenge of getting everyone across the line to meet their goal.

Mary Peters
My name is Mary Peters and I grew to love running in the Pacific Northwest, then in New England.  I have now raced several half marathons, a marathon and an ultra marathon, as well as many many other track and road and cross country races.  I love running for the community, and for the feeling of pushing myself to be better each and every day.  I speak and teach Spanish, and I hope to one day run an ultramarathon in a Spanish-speaking country where I can connect with other people around the globe who enjoy this crazy sport.
Travis Peters
Hi! My name is Travis and I'm a middle-distance runner (e.g., 800m-1600m) turned distance runner. I've run and raced distances from 200m all the way up to 26.2 miles and I've got to say that there is nothing quite like 13.1 miles---an ideal distance if you ask me. I first ran the CBHM in 2015 and to date it is *by far* my most favorite half marathon! I love covered bridges, bad jokes, running in the rain, and chocolate milk; should our paths cross during (or before/after) the run, I look forward to chatting about these things and more. Happy running!
Mike Kokko

At some point after high school Mike started investigating the rumor that not all running events require barreling toward certain disaster (i.e. hurdles). Several marathons later, he concluded that the 13.1 mile distance is "just right" and now thoroughly enjoys both running and pacing half marathons. Mike is an engineering PhD student by day and lives with his wife (and dog) in Lyme, NH. They are expecting their first child in March, so if you catch Mike nodding off around mile 9 please give him a friendly nudge.

Rebecca Stanfield McCown
Rebecca started running in graduate school to counteract hours of sitting in front of a computer staring at data. Since 2007, she has run 9 marathons and more half marathons than she can count. Rebecca has run Covered Bridge 4 times (it maybe 5) and working in Woodstock allows her to run sections of the course at lunch time. Be warned, Rebecca likes to chat while she runs!
Mima Roberts
As a runner for the past 20 or so years, I have completed many 1/2’s and 1 marathon. Just last year I completed my first 50K right here in the Upper Valley. Although it takes me a bit longer to warm up these days, it's still as enjoyable, if not more, than it was 20 years ago!

Jessica Hathorn
My sister, Mima Roberts, and I are happy to be pacing together. We have run the race twice together as well as another half marathon. I live on a small farm in Hartland with my husband and two children.
Clair Hunt

This will be my third time pacing the Covered Bridges. I love being a part of helping people attain their personal running goals.

Francine Franich
I have always enjoyed running and have run competitively since I was in 6th grade.  As much as I love running, I love coaching even more.  My summers in college were spent coaching cross country camps in northern Michigan. I loved helping young runners achieve their goals and grow as athletes.  Pacing races gives me a similar opportunity to help someone achieve their running goals.  I have paced one other half marathon and loved it.  There was a great sense of community as you cheered the runners along around you and helped them to the finish line.
Joel Brown
I'm a BQ marathoner with over almost 20 halfs in the bank, including pacing the CHaD half. I'd like to try to run halfs in as many states as possible, and I have 43 states left to go! So that's going to take a while.
Hilary Wheeler

Hillary is excited to be back for her second year as a pacer for the Covered Bridges Half Marathon.  She began running after college to keep up with her dad.  She has paced many friends at the half marathon distance and loves to see people reach their goal time.  This spring you can find her running up hills to train for the Mt Washington road race.  Her favorite race distances are the 5K and half marathon.  When she is not out running Hillary works as a nurse at Dartmouth-Hitchcock in the Surgical/ Trauma ICU.

Dave Sullivan

Dave Sullivan only began running in his late 30's, but hasn't stopped since. Last year he was a pacer at the CHaD half marathon and looks forward to helping new and returning runners to the CBHM meet their goal of a 2:00 half marathon.
Becky Rhoads
I'm not super speedy but I love running! I've run 2 marathons and several halfs...but never CBHM. I think I'll be a great pacer because I love talking - even while running. I play floor hockey every Friday night in a league my husband and I started in the Upper Valley!

Amy Mitchell
Amy recently moved to the area, works at Tom Tom and is a big runner of all distances.
Maria Scopelliti
I moved to the upper valley 3 years ago and when asked what the best half marathon around was, the answer was always covered bridges! I ran my first half only 3 years ago, having spent a few years running local 5k and 10k races before moving to NH. I'm excited to be participating in the Covered Bridges and can't wait to check out the route!  Fun fact about me is that my guilty pleasure is rescue animals! I have a 6 year old pit mix, a 4.5 year old boxer mix and recently spent time fostering a 3 year old Aussie pit mix. Although they are not all runner dogs, they make great hiking companions!

Ellen Chandler
I run because it makes me happy to be outside; I take part in events because I like to run with others. I take part in the NH Grand Prix and am training for the Vermont 100 on 100 Relay in August.  My best half marathon time is around 1:48 or 1:50. 
Abagail Barman
My running mantra is to keep it slow and steady.  Left foot, right foot, one step at a time.  Before each big race I like to pick a theme song to sing in my head and maybe dance along to when the going gets tough.  Fun fact, I once ran for 24 hours.  Bonus points if you can guess how far I ran.  Can't wait to race past the beautiful bridges!

Jennifer Hansen
I'm a classical singer, voice teacher and choir director in my fifties who enjoys running and weight training at the CCBA. Last year I ran my first marathon (the NH) and was tickled to make my goal of sub-4 hours and qualify for Boston.
Dave Sobel
I am a 5 time Ironman Finisher as well as many road races ranging from 5k to half marathon.  As former couch potato I continue to draw inspiration from others changing their lives through endurance sport.  The real race is in the back!  This is my 4th Covered Bridges and my second as a pacer.

Frank Kelecy

I’m a local runner who got back into running seriously about 16 years ago.  Up to that time, I had participated in a few 5K and 10K races for fun.  But after moving to the Upper Valley, I got hooked on running the Rail Trail and found myself doing longer and longer training runs.  I eventually decided in 2005 to do this local race called the Covered Bridges Half Marathon.  It was my first long race – and it was hot, humid, and very challenging.  I did everything wrong - like a wearing cotton socks and getting a blister at mile six.  But I finished!  That race motivated me to keep running and training.  Since then I’ve gone on to do twenty full marathons, ten Eastern States 20 mile races,  many half marathons (including several more CBHM races), three Mount Washington runs, and last year my second Vermont 50 Ultra.
Susannah Colby
I've been running for about 15 years and I love being outdoors. I started racing about 7 years ago and I really enjoy the way a bunch of people can get together for a larger cause. I've raced and paced the Covered Bridges Half Marathon in the past. It's one of my favorite races in the area. I've also completed a full marathon in 2015 and an ultra marathon (50K) in 2016.

Laura Johnson
Laura’s first ever race was the CBHM in 2003. Since then, she hasn’t stopped running and loves the camaraderie she has found in the running community across cultures. She runs for fun and fresh air and has raced in Vermont, Costa Rica, Brazil, Paraguay, and New Mexico.